Celestial Realm

The thin chain is from old unwanted jewelry as well as the studded stars. On each ends there are claps that hook onto the aluminum can pull tap chain. The thin chain loops up and down where my mother’s Virgin Mary pendant hangs with a additional studded star for a mysterious celestial feel. This hand crafted jewelry is for my second garment of my awareness project.
The necklace turns into shoulder clasps. You can also detached the star studded clasps and where them as earrings. Also it can be worn as a single chain earring: it hooks from one end of the ear to the other. If you want to change your look from time to time, you can b/c the parts are interchangeable.



Nebulous hearted lone wolf.
Hungrily, endlessly searching in a euphoria pursuit of a benevolence smile.
Undernourished, deprived of sustenance.
Insatiable desire to be in the far empyrean regions of the universe.
Before death unfolds,
Let this lone wolf sleep in the Elysian Fields.
Let his weak heart be filled with
And Love.
♥ Bego


Bloody Heart Photoshoot

To embrace who you are, your identity, is how you can achieve true happiness; thus the title of the project that me and my photograpy partner, Maria, are collaborating on is called Trash Identity. The old garbage that people throw away connotes the negative side of someone’s image, and renewing the garbage into something new and beautiful signifies embracing who you are and your flaws.
Maria is wearing this dress recycled from old band t-shirts. 

Hand threaded over lace
Bloody Heart Photoshoot collaborative project with Maria. Model: Maria. Designer: Bego. Photographer: Bego. Behind the scene camera and light set up: Maria.